Flugplatz: Timeline of the airfield

An airfield with a long history

Timeline of Strausberg airfield

Aviation has an interesting history and Strausberg and can be traced back to the start of the previous century, the time of the conquest of airspace. Discover important milestones from our more than 100-year history here.


Inauguration of the new airfield museum

The current airfield museum was opened in 2008. The collection started to be built around 15 years previously at the same time as Strausberg airfield stopped being used for military purposes. An ageing barrack was the museum’s initial site. Horst Kleest and Helmut Bukowski rightly deserve to be called the museum founders.


Takeover of commercial management of Strausberger Eisenbahn GmbH — 38,238 aircraft movements are registered at Strausberg


The runway lighting is modernised — the airfield now has over 37,400 aircraft movements


The new tower building becomes operational.


A fuelling station with various aircraft fuels is now available to users of the airfield


Aircraft can now be parked with protection from the weather — construction of a parking hangar


On the 20th anniversary of Siegmund Jähn's space flight, several German astronauts meet at Strausberg airfield: Ulf Merbold, Siegmund Jähn, Reinhold Ewald


Development into a commercial airfield for business, sports and leisure pilots continues


Granting of approval as a category I commercial airfield — Strausberg becomes EDAY


The airfield is transformed from a Bundeswehr air base to a commercial airfield


10 world records are set in skydiving at Strausberg airfield


Civil glider operations resume at Strausberg.


National People’s Army (NVA) and Kasernierte Volkspolizei (KVP) take over the air; continued use as a military airfield

The Red Army hands over Strausberg airfield to units of the NVA (National People's Army) and the KVP Airforce (Kasernierte Volkspolizei Luft). In spring 1954, the staff of the KVP Airforce are also transferred from the capital Berlin to Strausberg.


The Red Army uses the airfield as a military airport.


Beate Uhse as test pilot at Strausberg airfield

From 1941, the then 22-year-old Beate Uhse worked at Strausberg airfield as a test pilot.


A world record is set in Strausberg

On 30 June 1937, Inge Wetzel landed her glider „Grunau Baby“ at Strausberg airfield. Her cross-country flight lasted 18.5 hours, setting the world record for continuous gliding. Prominent figures such as Lieutenant at Sea Felix Schulz and Strausberg's first glider pilot Hans Blumberg were also on site for this event.


Strausberg airfield becomes the Luftwaffe’s air base


Alfred Friedrich opens an aircraft repair centre.


A passenger sightseeing flight takes off for the first time

On 15 September 1929, a Focke Wulf A 17 „Möwe“ passenger aircraft takes off for the first time for a sightseeing flight over Strausberg.


The first aircraft take off

In 1927, Strausberg airfield opens as a glider airfield. From then until 1945, it is considered the centre of gliding in the Berlin region.


First pilot licence

Leutnant zur See Felix Schulz

The former first lieutenant at sea, Felix Schulz, from Strausberg receives pilot licence no. 367 of the „Deutscher Luftfahrerverband“. 

Experience history up close — airfield museum

If you want to delve deeper into the airfield’s history, you can found out all about the origins of the airfield up to the present day in the charmingly designed airfield museum, which re-opened in 2008.

Visit the airfield museum

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Strausberg Märkische Heimat für Flieger und Flugzeugbau (Märkisch homeland for aviators and aircraft construction)

The history of Strausberg airfield can be traced back to the start of the previous century, the time of the conquest of airspace, and extends into the present day.

Start und ZielDie Geschichte der Allgemeinen Luftfahrt und der Militärfliegerei in Strausberg von 1913 bis heute (Take off and Destination The history of general aviation and military aviation in Strausberg from 1913 to today)

This book is a pictorial documentation of Strausberg aviation history which began in 1913.

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