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Border and customs clearance at Strausberg

What to bear in mind for flights from abroad

Only a few international flights require border clearance. Border and/or customs clearance is possible for citizens from EU third countries. You can find an overview of which countries border / customs clearance has to be carried out for in the document list. In addition, there are further applications for flights to and from non-EU countries there.
Border clearance must be registered with the Federal Police Headquarters Berlin at least 7 days in advance. 

Grenz- und Zollabfertigung am Verkehrslandeplatz Strausberg
Antrag auf Befreiung vom Zollflugplatzzwang im Einzelfall und Durchführung einer kostenpflichtigen Amtshandlung
Antrag auf Erteilung einer Grenzerlaubnis

Customs clearance at Strausberg airfield

Customs clearance is possible daily, including weekends, during the regular opening hours of the airfield and must be announced at least 2 hours in advance, regardless of whether it is a take-off or landing.
All persons (passengers and/or crews) arriving from or departing for a non-EU country must fill out the form for customs clearance. 
Please note: no good may be imported or exported. Customs clearance is required when importing or exporting goods. In any case, customs clearance is subject to a fee and must be applied for at the main customs office (Hauptzollamt) in Frankfurt (Oder) 3 days in advance.

Application for customs clearance:
Hauptzollamt Frankfurt (Oder)
Kopernikusstraße 25
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
T +49 335 563 1550
F +49 335 563 1099
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Registration for customs clearance at Strausberg airfield


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