Flugplatz: Flying schools and clubs

Flying schools in Strausberg

Learning to fly at Strausberg airfield

You can arrange to start practical training to become a pilot at any time. Find out more directly from the flying schools at our airfield. You can also find out there whether the flying school of your choice offers a taster course. Teaching is divided into theoretical and practical training. 


Images of pilot training at Strausberg

You can find these flying schools at Strausberg airfield


Commercial Pilot School/Air Carrier Approved Training Organisation DE.ATO.074: ATPL(A), CPL(A), PPL(A), LAPL(A), IR(A) MEP, SEP, FI(A), FI(A)-IR, NVFR, BZF I&II, AZF, CRM, DGR, Check Flights, ICAO Language Test, Pinch Hitter

Lilienthalstr. 4, 15344 Strausberg
+49 (0)3341 250008

Commercial Pilot School

Approved Training Organisation DE.ATO.074:

  • Training of licences: ATPL(A), CPL(A), PPL(A), LAPL(A), SPL(A)
  • Training of teaching licences: FI(A), FI(A)-IR, IRI, MCCI
  • Credential training: IR(A), SEP, MEP, MCC
  • Dangerous Goods and Crew Resource Management Training
  • BZF I & II, AZF radio communication certificates
  • Check flights
  • ICAO English Language Examinations Level 4 & 5
  • Training in first aid and immediate measures at the scene of the accident

Arrow Airservice Flugschule / Luftfahrtunternehmen

Pilot training (powered flight)

Flugplatzstraße F1 Haus 20 (Tower), 15344 Strausberg
+49 (0)3341 215054

Fliegerclub Strausberg e. V.

Training as a glider pilot with three two-seaters, two ASK21s, a DG500 and with the single-seaters DG300 and Astir.

Flugplatzstraße F1 Haus 33, 15344 Strausberg
+49 (0)3341 3034989
  • With a bit of hard work and dedication, you could have your pilot’s licence after about 2 years.

Flugschule Pegasus GmbH

Ultralight training Radio communication certificates Additional licences

Flugplatzstraße F2 Haus 12, 15344 Strausberg
+49 (0)3341 250008
  • Training of licences: PPL-N, PPL-A JAR-FCL
  • Credential training: 2 tonnes class rating, CVFR, NVFR (night flight)
  • Radio communication certificates BZF I, BZF II & AZF
  • Dangerous Goods PK10 and CRM (Crew Resource Management)
  • ICAO Level 4 Preparatory courses and examinations
  • Aircraft charter and instruction (Diamond DA 20, Cessna 150, Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Socata TB 20, Cirrus SR 22 GTS & Partenavia P68)
  • Pinch hitters and fear-of-flying courses

Motorseglerclub Berlin e. V.

Training options: Initial training for LAPL-A CR TMG Retraining for TMG class rating for SPL and LAPL-S as well as LAPL-A

Flugplatzstraße F1 Haus 20, 15344 Strausberg
+49 (0)30 22 32 88 81
  • We offer trial flights with a contribution towards the cost for guests interested in flight training.


The flying school Ruwe Aero allows you to discover the world of flying with high-performance ultralight aircraft. Experienced flight instructors and pilots train you to become sport pilots.

Flugplatzstraße F3 Haus 1, 15344 Strausberg
+49 (0)3341 306570

What requirements do I need to meet to train to become a pilot?

Minimum age 14 years old
Aeromedical certificate of fitness
Little fear of flying and heights
Enjoyment of flying and aviation
Enjoyment in dealing with other flying enthusiasts

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