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Flugplatz: Airfield museum

Strausberg airfield museum

Discover the history of the airfield

Today’s airfield museum has existed since 2006. The permanent exhibition covers the period from 1913 to the present. Around 60 picture boards and a variety of aircraft and flight models, aircraft parts and aviation paraphernalia give you a comprehensive and partly very private insight into the diversity of Strausberg aviation and the respective spirit of the times.
The collection started to be built after Strausberg airfield stopped being used for military purposes. An old barrack was used as the first location. 
The founders of the museum are Horst Kleest and Helmut Bukowski. Rolf Hartmann was responsible for the conceptual design of the museum.

If the door is locked, simply contact our airfield team in the tower.

Why is the airfield museum definitely worth a visit?

Entrance is free
The museum is open daily during the airfield’s operating hours
In addition to the main exhibition, there are alternating special exhibitions
The guided tours of the friends’ association are a real highlight

Images of the airfield museum

Regular guided tours

Every 1st and 3rd weekend of the month
Sat from 3 p.m., Sun from 10 a.m.
Special appointments on request</h4>

Price for adults:
2.00 €</p>

Price for 14-18 years olds:
1.50 €</p>

Special guided tours

Dates by arrangement</h4>

School classes + 2 accompanying adults:
25.00 €</p>

Groups of up to 10:
30.00 €</p>

Groups of 11 or more:
3.00 € per person</p>

Book a guided tour

Förderverein Flugplatzmuseum Strausberg e. V.</h4>

Horst Prommersberger
Tel.: +49 33439 80 504
Mobile: +49 171 77 354 77
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We value your donation!

Did you like our airfield museum? Our friends’ association would be delighted to receive your donation as there’s still a lot to do. The archive is full of hidden treasures to be discovered and showcased. And the largest outdoor project — the red biplane — needs a lot of loving care to be preserved in the long term. In addition to the collection of concrete documents and exhibits, a media archive is to be set up in the future with audio and video recordings of historic personalities and former as well as current pilots. This will help to bring the airfield museum even more alive. 

Donation account

Förderverein Flugplatzmuseum Strausberg e. V.
IBAN: DE62 1705 4040 1014 1232 39
Sparkasse Märkisch-Oderland

What will my donation be used for?

Acquiring exhibition material
Organising special exhibitions and historical exhibitions
Aviation history research
Issuing publications

Want to actively support the association and museum?

Association members who would like to actively support the association design or collect exhibition elements, prepare events or get involved in the organisation or archive work. Association members with good knowledge of the exhibits and the history of aviation at Strausberg can accompany guests in the museum and offer guided tours. By contributing 30 euros a year (currently) (pensioners: 20 euros a year), members support the work of the friends’ association.


You can order our books on the history of the airfield online here:

Start und ZielDie Geschichte der Allgemeinen Luftfahrt und der Militärfliegerei in Strausberg von 1913 bis heute (Take off and Destination The history of general aviation and military aviation in Strausberg from 1913 to today)

This book is a pictorial documentation of Strausberg aviation history which began in 1913.

Strausberg Märkische Heimat für Flieger und Flugzeugbau (Märkisch homeland for aviators and aircraft construction)

The history of Strausberg airfield can be traced back to the start of the previous century, the time of the conquest of airspace, and extends into the present day.

We’ve got even more exciting opportunities for high-flyers

Förderverein Flugplatzmuseum Strausberg e. V.

+49 33439 80 504