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Conference rooms at Strausberg airfield

A special place for conferences, workshops and further training events.

The terminal building has a room for conferences, meetings and training sessions for up to 30 people. Conference technology including a large screen and sound equipment is available. A flipchart and free wifi are also available for use. Please discuss details with us directly.


Images of the conference room

Conference room

for conferences, meetings and training sessions
people max.
from 25.00 €
all included: large screen, sound equipment, wifi, flipchart

Catering for your conference

The biplane restaurant, which can be reached on foot, will be happy to provide catering for your conferences and workshops. Please discuss your wishes directly with the restaurant.

Request catering

You can find other conference rooms in the sports and recreation park in Strausberg Vorstadt

Marita Baskiro

+49 3341 345 370
Strausberger Flugplatz GmbH:
Flugplatzstraße F1/20, 15344 Strausberg