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Flugplatz: Pictures and maps

Images of Strausberg airfield

Taking off and landing at Strausberg

Strausberg airfield is located in Strausberg Nord and is one of the few regional airfields in the greater Berlin area to offer IFR approach. Here we provide visual impressions as well as a detailed approach map to help you prepare your approach.

Approach to RWY 05

Approach runway 05 from the south-west (please do not fly over noise-sensitive areas such as the urban area of Strausberg)

Approach to RWY 23

Approach runway 23 from the north-east (after becoming airborne, turn left as early as possible to avoid flying over the residential buildings in the extension).

Aerodrome circuit as seen from the south

Approach chart

Strausberg airfield has been able to successfully develop in recent years. This can only continue to be done with mutual consideration and fairness towards the residents. Therefore please adhere to the recommendations for approach and take-off listed on the chart.

Help us avoid noise complaints

  • Keep exactly to the published aerodrome circuit; for departures in direction 23, it is possible to turn out of the aerodrome circuit prematurely with the approval of STRAUSBERG INFORMATION.
  • When approaching from or taking off in a northerly direction, you should avoid flying over the town of Strausberg.
  • Avoid directly flying over all settlements below 2,000 ft GND in the vicinity of the airfield.
  • If possible, do not perform aerodrome circuit flights during the following periods: weekdays from 13:00 to 15:00 and on weekends and public holidays not before 09:00 and after 13:00 local time unless they are essential as part of training.
  • Use the map to find out about the location of noise-sensitive areas.
General images of Strausberg airfield
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