Flugplatz: PPR application

Landing outside our opening hours

Register your special landings online here

Strausberg airfield is ready for take-offs and landings even outside our opening hours. A PPR application must be made in good time. Please use our online form for this.

Applying for special landings

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Summer opening hours

Mon — Fri

06:30 to 18:00 UTC / SS+30</p>

Sat/Sun/Public holidays

07:00 to 18:00 UTC / SS+30</p>


PPR 2 hours before 18:00 UTC</p>

Winter opening hours


08:00 UTC to SS+30</p>


PPR 2 hours before SS</p>

Oct — March (except December)

On the last Friday of every month, night flights are possible until 22:00 local time without PPR fees.</p>

Border and customs clearance is required for citizens from non-EU countries. Find out what to bear in mind for this here.

Martin Rempke

Airfield service
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