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Welcome to Oderland Mark county. We are pleased you have chosen to discover our homeland. Once you have come to appreciate our region, we know you’ll be back. After all, there is so much to discover. The landscapes that lie between the metropolis of Berlin and the border river, the Oder, present a wide variety of attractions. Here you will find the Märkische Schweiz with its gentle hills from which you can look down on shining, silvery lakes. With its deep valleys, the Oberbarnim is wildly romantic, with valleys such as one would hardly expect to encounter in the northern Germany flatlands.

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Rapsfeld in Märkisch Oderland

Hills such as those found in the old spa town of Bad Freienwalde in the north and in Seelow in the south offer views into the lower-lying Oderbruch and far beyond.

Rapsfeld in Märkisch Oderland

A wide variety of sports-related activities such as riding, golf, tennis and flying are also available. The museums provide year-round information about the surrounding region. The old cities in the state all hold well attended festivals.

Rapsfeld in Märkisch Oderland

Concerts, theater productions, readings and exhibits abound at inventive locations. Hotels, boarding houses and restaurants provide offerings for every taste and for every budget. They look forward to your visit..

Rapsfeld in Märkisch Oderland

Märkisch-Oderland is an ideal location for a wide variety of activities. Here, bikers and hikers will get their money’s worth. The waters call out to swimmers, rowers, paddlers and fishermen.

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