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to the Strausberg Airport

Strausberg has been making aircraft history for more than 70 years. For most of this time, the airport served primarily military purposes but, since 1992, it has handled commercial aviation, business travelers, flight instruction as well as flying clubs. The Strausberg landing facilities offer the following services:

  • Refueling with Jet A1,
    AVGAS 100 LL and Super Plus; various engine oils (incl. those for diesel aircraft engines);
  • Agencies for hotels, accommodations, taxis, rental cars, golf and other sporting activities;
  • Long and short term hangar aircraft storage (up to tail heights of 6.20 m), or outdoor storage;
  • Customs and passport clearance subsequent to advance notification;
  • Restaurant, up-to-date pilot rest areas directly on the field;
  • Shuttle service for pilots and passengers to the “Strausberg-Nord” railway station for the Berlin rapid transit railway and to nearby hotels.


Beton-Piste am 21.06.2019 gesperrt
Bitte das NOTAM für den Flugplatz Strausberg beachten.
Wegen Markierungsarbeiten bleibt die Beton-Piste am 21.06.2019 von 7:00 bis 22:00 Uhr lokaler Zeit gesperrt. Die Gras-Piste bist verfügbar. Hier allerdings beachten, dass Segelflug stattfindet.
Neuer Imagefilm der Stadtwerke Gruppe Strausberg


Under VFR conditions, the airport is accessible both day and night. It is equipped with a VHF locator and is outfitted on both sides with PAPI.

Strausberg is an airport with a future. With more than 40,000 take-offs and landings, it is already one of the largest facilities in Eastern Germany. In accordance with the planning resolution handed down in 2009, airport expansion options have been approved. These include an extension of the runway to 1,650 m, an expansion of lighting and the extension of the taxiway. These will allow the airport to handle aircraft up to 14 t MTOM. Three building sites are available for aircraft-related firms.

In addition, the installation of an instrument guidance system is being planned. Found your company in Strausberg, we can assist you in its realization. The subsequent pages contain all the necessary information about what the Stausberg airport has to offer. We look forward to your visit.

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Tel. 03341 / 345-370
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