Flugplatz: Berlin Strausberg airfield

Experience for a flying start — Strausberg airfield

The IRF airfield near Berlin

Airfield history has been written for over 90 years in Strausberg. For most of the time, it was used for military purposes, but since 1992 it has been used for commercial aviation, business traffic, flight training and air sports.

Since 17 June 2021, the airfield can also be approached under IFR conditions using GPS approach procedures in both operational directions.

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Stadtwerke Gruppe Strausberg

4. Drachenfliegerfest im SEP

15.08.2023 — MOZ

Wir gratulieren zur Eröffnung des neuen Testcenters bei APUS

Kommen die nächsten Flugzeugpioniere aus Strausberg? Das kann niemand vorhersagen. Bei Apus sind jetzt die Voraussetzungen geschaffen worden, um dem Fliegen ohne Kerosin ein Stück näherzukommen.
Stadtwerke Gruppe Strausberg

Brille gefunden beim Fest an der Fähre

aircraft movements (2020)

Technology park with direct airfield access

A vibrant technology and business park has been established in recent years around the airfield. There are currently still a few spaces and sites available — with excellent transport links and close to Berlin.

Aviation specialists on site

Many companies for aviation-related services, development and research have chosen the immediate vicinity of the airfield as their base. They’re happy to help you with repairs, new construction or digital air services.

Doppeldecker-Flugzeug auf dem Rasen

Aviation history in Strausberg

Strausberg airfield has been in existence since 1927. A lot has happened in the almost 100 years since — you can find out exactly what in our timeline or our airfield museum.

Timeline of Strausberg airfield

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