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Indoor Courts
Strausberg currently has three types of hangars.
 The Oldest Hangar

This is an historically protected site, 70 x 35 meters in size and with a door height of 6.20 meters. Preferably, this hangar is reserved for larger aircraft up to a C classification. Free hangar spaces are available.

Der älteste Hangar
 Another Hangar
Measuring 50 x 25 meters with space for 16 class G and E machines.
Der nächst kleinere Hangar
 The Newest Hangar
This is a round hangar with space for eight, E class aircraft.
Die jüngste Halle

Currently, spaces are still available. For more information about hangar spaces, please call:  +49 3341 / 345-370 or inquire via E-Mail: info(at)flugplatz-strausberg.de


The planning resolution also calls for the construction of additional hangars and the inclusion of firms dependent on airport access. Information in this regard can be obtained at  +49 3341 345 - 110 or via E-Mail: a.gagel(at)flugplatz-strausberg.de>

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Tel. 03341 / 345-370
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