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Border customs

Third-country nationals can pass through passport and customs inspections. The following provides an overview of the countries for which such inspections are required. On request, we will happily forward you the necessary customs or passport documents.

Übersicht für welche Länder eine Grenz-/Zollabfertigung durchgeführt werden muss sowie allgemeine Bestimmungen
 Passport Inspection

Any request for a passport inspection must be filed with the Federal Police Directorate in Berlin no later than 7 days prior to the intended inspection date.

A request for customs inspection must be filed no later than 9:30 AM on the working day prior to the intended inspection date.
 Registration of Foreign Flights
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E-Mail: info(at)flugplatz-strausberg.de

Please note that, as the licensed aircraft operator you yourself are responsible for obtaining the necessary requests.

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