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Flugplatz Strausberg - Hallenplätze
Film-/ Photo Location

The Strausberg airport offers an ideal backdrop for a wide variety of film and photographic shooting sessions. Among other items, the old hangar from the 1930’s is a wonderful setting. In addition, our illuminated, 1,200-meter long take-off and landing strip, our large apron, a modern tower and terminal, and a variety of terminal types all provide a suitable backdrop.

Der nächst kleinere Hangar

Thanks to the increasing number of films and photographic sessions carried out in recent years, we offer a variety of options to help you quickly decide what can be done and what is feasible.

Aside from the landing strip, the remaining facilities can all be closed off for hours or even days. The appropriate official approvals can be obtained from the Joint Upper Aviation Authority for Berlin-Brandenburg. We would be happy to obtain these approvals on your behalf.

Night shots involving air traffic are also possible.

Working Conditions on the Field
Past Works Carried out Include, Among Others

For any additional questions, please contact our Operations Manager, Michael Pestel, at  +49 (0)3341  345-377 or  .

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Tel. 03341 / 345-370
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