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We welcome you to the Strauseberg aviation facility. Among other things, the services we offer pilots and aircraft include the sale of tax-free fuel (JET A-1) and aircraft fuel (AVGAS), using either self-service or on request, hangars for your aircraft, starting assistance for weak onboard batteries, aircraft towing, as well as hangar facilities, are available as needed. We will be happy to transmit your flight plan, VFR bulletin requirements, or provide you with documents on weather advisories. Free WLAN access in the terminal gives you the option of outstanding flight preparation.

Im Tower

Six, modern pilot rest areas equipped with showers, bathrooms and TVs are located directly adjacent to the airfield. We are happy to transmit your flight plan and provide you with current weather information for your flight. Our conference room for up to 30 individuals and outfitted with video and audio equipment is available directly in the terminal. For pilots and passengers, we offer our 7-seater van the shuttle service to the Strausberg-Nord S-Bahn station.

We can also provide a wide range of tips for excursions into the surrounding area or for your golf tournament.
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Tel. 03341 / 345-370
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