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Business Park

Approximately 35 hectares of commercial space are available for smaller companies, manufacturing firms and service providers at the Business Park North, located directly next to the airport.


For operations requiring aviation access, 20 hectares of runway access on the airport itself are also available. Three building sites of various sizes are available here (refer to the sketch).

 Strausberg Business Park
  Operated by:
  Strausberger Eisenbahn GmbH

  Personal contact:
  Frau Irina Khnel (M.Sc.)

Strausberger Eisenbahn GmbH
c/o Stadtwerke Strausberg GmbH
Kastanienallee 38
15331 Strausberg, Germany
Tel.:  +49 3341 345 - 380
Fax:  +49 3341 345 - 410
E-Mail: info(at)flugplatz-strausberg.de
Information available at  +49 3341 345-110 or via E-Mail: info(at)flugplatz-strausberg.de .
Google Map
Tel. 03341 / 345-370
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