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  Airport – Fee Structure [Download]
  Please refer to the document with regard to the following items found in the airport fee structure
(on file in PDF format):
  Part I: Landing Fees
  1. General information
  2. Bases for Calculations
  3. Fee Determination for Normal Flights by Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft
  4. Airship Fees
  5. Balloon Fees
  6. Special Services
  7. Fees for Special Circumstances
    1. Emergency Landings
    2. Official Flights
    3. Flights Outside Normal Operating Hours
    4. Instructional and Training Flights
  Part II: Parking Fees
  Airport Terms of Use [Download]
 Hangar Terms of Use [Download]
Information available at  +49 3341 345-370 or via E-Mail: info(at)flugplatz-strausberg.de .
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Tel. 03341 / 345-370
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