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In recent years, the Strausberg airport has been able to successfully expand its operations. This development can, however, only continue if the local community is treated with consideration and fairness.

How you can help us to prevent noise complaints:
  1. Adhere closely to published airport circuit routes. With INFO approval, circuit deviations are permitted when taking off in direction 23.
  2. Over flights of the city of Strausberg should be avoided when taking off or landing from a northwest direction.
  3. Avoid directly overflying any communities within 2,000 ft of the airport.
  4. Wherever possible avoid circling the airport during the following periods:

    On working days from 13.00 bis 15.00 clock and on weekends and holidays not before 9:00 clock and clock from 13:00 local time, unless they are as part of the training necessary.
  5. Obtain information regarding noise sensitive areas from the chart.
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Tel. 03341 / 345-370
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